Sunday, November 29, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 26

Travelling back to Ulaanbaatar in convoy with 2 other vehicles, we had high hopes of making it back in one day, but were prepared to overnight if needed. Little did we know what the day held in store for us! Views of camel herds were numerous, this herd with a female herder on a blonde camel, on the right side.
A return to Bayunlij for fuel. Our vehicle was petrol, the other two Toyotas diesel. Bob checks his messages with reception in the small soum [town].
And time for a group photo of our hosts and travelling companions.
We travelled through amazingly narrow, rocky gorges and across flat plains.
Lunch was Mongolian style with noodles and mutton, but it was warm and prepared for us by the camp cooks. We ate it once we had gotten back to the bitumen road, which was now a sheet of ice and barely distinguishable from the snow covered countryside.
As the sun set and a rainbow showed it's colours, temperatures dropped even further and the trouble began.



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