Friday, November 27, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 23 continued

Finally we make it to our welcome ger at Altan nar camp! The coal burns warmly and for a long time as the fire is tended by a "fireman"  who also comes in at 6am to relight it with the wood. There are no locks on this ger door.
Two painted support poles are positioned either side of the stove.
Painted roof support struts meet at the central wheel support.
Vinyl covers the wooden floor. Sometimes the vinyl is placed directly on the dirt floor or a cement floor. This is looking back towards the low entry door. No windows. The wooden wall lattice is covered with the cloth tied to the roof struts. There is thick felt beyond the wooden lattice.
First light at the camp.
Bob coming out of the low door.
The ultzii symbol decorating the blue door covering.


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