Saturday, November 28, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 24 & 25

Got further south today, where there was much less snow and warmer temperatures. We now think between 0 degrees and minus 7 degrees C are quite OK! How things have changed for this Queensland girl. The landscape was quite dramatic with eroded cliffs and this famous spot looking like the Sphinx. Our long afternoon shadows and Toyota shadow are all part of the atmosphere. 
Got into camp in the dark and was greeted by a warm donga room with ensuite and two new camel hair quilts to keep us warm also. It was much appreciated as I wasn't well nursing an upset stomach.
This was the view of Torom Khon the next day from an elevated picnic spot. Would be lovely in the summertime, but a bit chilly with the breeze and snow patches.
Trees have been planted in this desert landscape and this fountain must work when the water isn't frozen in the pipes.
And this was the view of the surrounding small hills.


  1. What a starkly beautiful place that I would never have seen if you had not shown it to me. Thanks.

  2. It was my first visit to the South Gobi Rachel, totally amazing how people live in this region. Thanks for travelling with me.