Friday, November 13, 2015

Into the countryside

The sky, the landscape- all big and amazing here in Mongolia. The colours are muted as Winter approaches and snow already lies in patches on the dry brown grass.
The black crows decided this bare tree was a perfect roosting spot.
A walk down the hill to the half frozen Tuul River.
Yes, I'm rugged up against the cold and with no breeze, it's quite pleasant.
This is the summertime BBQ, with a light dusting of snow.
Our host Oyunbat is braver than us and tests the slippery ice.
Later in the afternoon we find ourselves near Turtle Rock in Terelj National Park. There are many tourist gers in this area and it would be a very popular warm weather area with walking, climbing and horse riding.
And yes, I do like to photograph signs- I'll leave it to you to interpret as you wish.


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