Thursday, November 26, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 23

Our second day of travel to our Altan Nar [Golden Mountain] destination begins across an icy landscape. The sparse, hardy plants have a dusting of ice.
The sun comes up and turns the landscape into a million,magical sparkles.
A sign!
Wind shapes the snow drifts across the rocky ground. The snow is an unusual event in the Gobi, which is generally warmer than Ulaanbaatar.
We stop for a few photos with long shadows also captured. We are thankful that our driver is very good at negotiating the tough conditions safely especially as we are travelling alone in one vehicle.
When we see a ger or a goat and camel herder we stop and ask for directions as we try to find the well we need to use as our marker point for the last leg. The conditions of the rough ground and washouts make our going very slow. Will we get there before nightfall?
This is camel country and we pass many herds.
Modern transport on the left meets country transport. 

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