Monday, November 2, 2015

Our apartment

We have a 6th floor one bedroom, corner  apartment overlooking Chinggis Street and near the National Theatre. Our current view to the street  from the large picture windows is unobstructed, but a new building in going to rise up and partially block the view at some later stage. Above is the view from the kitchen area, so it is nice to look out when eating.
This view is from the bedroom, looking toward the snow covered hills that surround UB. The blue sky is clear now after earlier pollution this morning.
And this is the current view of the building construction. I'm actually quite inspired by the lines and patterns of steel and snow.
Inside is very warm with central heating running 24 hours creating a dry, tropical atmosphere. Our small kitchen is stocked with basic essentials.
Our drinking water supply as we prefer not to drink the tap water.
Part of the lounge room is office space and the internet connection has been good. This is where I write my blog posts. The door to the left leads into our spacious corner bedroom.
Entry passage where we coat-up and sit on the stool to put on our boots. Shoes come off at the door as it is quite dusty and dirty on the streets with the wet conditions and the soles get grimy and we don't want to walk this through the apartment.

We have a number of different neutral toned wallpapers through the apartment, plain and patterned. This is home for now.




  1. Looks comfortable - do you have any TV (that you can understand). Have you started any stitching yet?

  2. We have a large flat screen TV that we had not worked out how to use yet as it is connected via a feeder box. However we play music through it. No stitching yet, but about to start!