Monday, November 9, 2015

Coming to grips with big things

In my home state of Queensland we have or had the Big Pineapple and in NSW there is the Big Banana but really they are nothing in grandeur compared to the Chinggis Khaan statue! At  40 metres above the ground, it towers over the surrounding landscape, which in itself is imposing with sweeping steppes and rocky mountains. Visitors have this view as they arrive. Bob is posing on the step to the right, being photographed by our wonderful host for the day, Oyunbat.
This is another popular spot for photos, between the two horsemen. The power of the Mongol nation stretched across half the known world in the 12th -13th centuries.

Once inside the complex you are greeted by a gigantic version of Chinggis's horse whip. The statue has been built on the auspicious spot where he found his horse whip. This gigantic Mongolian boot is also best viewed from the second floor balcony before heading out to get a more personal view of Chinggis. The family group posing in front of the boot have dressed in National Costume for a special photo. This is something you can do at the complex.
A walkway built into the horses' mane allows visitors to get these photo opportunities. His horse whip is depicted in gold while the rest is stainless steel and very impressive. A cold wind was blowing off the steppe, seen in the photo below.
After we left the viewing platform we headed downstairs to the Bronze Age display which was so well done with some stunning artefacts-  singing arrow heads, bronze cast animal belt buckles, finials and beautiful antelope figures. In another room were relics from the Iron Age- armour, helmets, swords, cups, gold earrings and pottery. This last photo is of a distant Chinggis, approached from the opposite side, withstanding the wind under a brooding sky.



  1. The landscape looks very beautiful but desolate and that statue is magnificent. Is it very far out of town.

    1. No Jan, about 54 kilometres. The landscape is so immense here. I feel very small in it.

  2. Replies
    1. Gotta love big in this big landscape Marlene!