Saturday, November 21, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 19

Going off to a Mongolian party and sheep BBQ with the quilters in a ger suburb, was something I was looking forward to. This ger is tightly wrapped up and closed for the winter- no chimney.
We make our way slowly down the snowy slope to be warmly welcomed inside the cosy atmosphere of the ger.
Good timing as the cooked meat and vegetables were being pulled out of the pot.
After a delicious feast we settled in for some singing followed by a little Mongolian Vodka nip.
This is the group of lovely ladies! It has been fun getting to know them and although we have a big language barrier, sometimes words don't express everything and are not needed. The small stove in the foreground is used for heating and the cooking. Carpets and covers on the wall lattice also kept it cosy.
A better photo without the electrical cord in front of our faces. The floor is covered in vinyl.
Enjoying the entertainment as we all take turns to sing a song.
The second round of sheep and vegetable cooking begins, as meat and vegetables are layered in the large pot. Hot stones are then placed in the pot- the sizzling begins.
More meat and hot stones before the lid goes on and the pot is then placed on the stove.
And 45 minutes or so later the delicious cooked food comes out. Thanks for a super party!


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  1. What a great experience of friendship and sharing.