Monday, November 23, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 21

Amazing what can happen in a foreign country when you are a quilter! I was invited to go on the Mongolian National Broadcaster and talk about quilting, an opportunity I couldn't say no to as it is always great to promote this craft/art form.
This is a behind the scenes photo of the three cameramen filming the morning presenters.
With them recording live in the far right side, the producer sets up the colourful quilts and other items from the Mongolian Quilt Centre.
I had a silk eco dyed quilt with me that I'm hand stitching, so had that on set and talked a little about it. You can also see the Down Under Quilts magazine, on the right, that I brought from Australia for the local quilters. I write my Global Thread column for the magazine and this TV moment will be part of the story on Mongolia! I was very happy to have Boloroo with me. The presenters asked questions in English then translated my replies. It was a super experience.

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