Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 14

It's a perfect day when you get to spend it with fellow quilters! These Mongolian quilters at the Mongolian Quilt Center are working hard and fast to make items for the coming Christmas Fairs in Ulaanbaatar. Items with a Mongolian motif or influence are favoured. Notice the hand wheel on the sewing machine- this makes it go!
Table space was in high demand today in the light filled workroom.
An ironing area is set up near the window, in the corner, to the left here. Three cotton, pieced quilts hang on this wall behind the workers.
Two of the quilters crazy pieced some panels that we are putting into a new strippy design. The silks are so gorgeous and catch the light seductively. Many of them have interesting motifs also.
Here I'm trialling what might work for the connecting strips and the top and bottom borders.
I do like the violet but in the end decided to try the gold. A special Mongolian knot will be added as decoration on the upper and lower borders.
A great day's work ladies!


  1. What a great thrill for these ladies to have a special visitor and for you to be able to work with them, despite, I guess, a language barrier in some cases.. Their work looks lovely. Hope they sell lots of their work.

    1. I am trying to pick up more Mongolian words Jan!