Thursday, November 19, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 18

I am suited up for a visit into the wards of one of the inner city maternity hospitals in Ulaanbaatar. My friend Selenge, Director of the Mongolian Quilt Centre invited me to witness the hand over of 36 baby blankets made by the centre from funds donated by IWAM [International Women's Association of Mongolia].
The Hospital Director lead us on a tour through various rooms. The ground floor had an update from Korean funds and was a bright, functional area.

The pre-delivery room was in use by a number of women. This hospital caters for poorer families. More than 4,400 babies have been delivered in the past year with boys outnumbering girls. Pollution and disease contributes to infant  mortality.
Funds are needed for vital equipment and sadly the government is unable to help support the services of this hospital. Despite such difficulties the hospital was recognised with the Best Medical Organisation Award.


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