Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Life in the freezer- day 22 continued

So, it's not often I can say I slept with 3 men, L-R Dasha, Oyunbat, Bob. We stopped in Bayunlij for the night instead of continuing on in the dark and snow, trying to find tracks we were unsure of. This is the room we found, at what I have dubbed the Bayunlij Hilton! The town was full of stranded travellers.
My bed on the right. The room was cold and only had minimal heating available. I was so happy I decided to take my own pillow and a Yak wool wrap, which along with the clothes I slept in, kept me warm, plus the body heat from Bob and I sharing this single bed.
We left at first light because we still had another full day of travel before we got to our destination at Altan Nar. The sign advertises "Hot Water" and yes, there was hot water, but the bathroom was not heated and no one felt like undressing at -17 degrees C. Pity there was no toilet!
We had unloaded the vehicle, as everything inside it would freeze overnight. 
The stars in the night sky were amazing and so many northern constellations were didn't know. Saying goodbye to  a snowy Bayunlij.


  1. Very interesting destination.

  2. Quite the adventure you are on there! A toilet would have been nice.