Thursday, November 5, 2015

Life in the freezer- days 8 and 9

It's not much fun catching a cold. I have been nursing a cough and dry throat for a few days. Keeping warm when venturing out is top priority so the big new coat goes on plus a nice warm cashmere beanie and scarf, with gloves on my hands before I even step outside into the minus conditions plus wind chill.
This is serious weather for a Queenslander used to tropical conditions!
This is the view from Bob's eight floor office. The grey clouds roll in and then get blown away to reveal blue sky once more. I am happy it is sunny even though it is cold, as I feel it would be more depressing living in grey.
At the double entry doors to the office building, three generations are rugged up and wait for the bus to arrive. They stay inside where it is much warmer and rush out when the bus pulls up. The older woman is wearing the national dress, the Deel, worn by both sexes and all ages. Hers is a bright orange, probably silk by the look of the fabric.
I think she has caught me trying to photograph her.

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